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Black Lives Matter! We stand behind those protesting in support of the change we need to see — and we need your help to keep them safe.

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What is the COVID-19 Protest Relief Fund?

Thousands of people are taking to the streets to protest racial discrimination and systemic injustice. Unfortunately, at the same time, we are still facing a deadly pandemic. Those at risk of the injustice we’re fighting are also the most vulnerable to COVID-19. Many of the protestors are not in a position to pay the inevitable cost associated with their brave efforts.

The COVID-19 Protest Relief Fund, a mutual aid fund, is designed to assist individuals who contract this disease while protesting, or who sustain other protest-related injuries, as many are being attacked while speaking out.

The effective and timely distribution of funds to eligible applicants is a top priority for us. To achieve these key goals, we have partnered with a network of established organizations that share our vision.

Organized by Comedian/Actor/SNL Cast Member

Chris Redd

“It's important to me to help relieve the financial burden for the folks who are on the front line.”

Change always comes with a cost. It's important to me to help relieve the financial burden for the folks who are on the front line, driving change that will ultimately prove beneficial to all of us. The COVID-19 Protest Relief Fund will extend financial aid to eligible applicants through organizations that are working, day in and day out, to unite our community and fight injustice.

It's important to remember that we are still challenged by the pandemic! So we're focused on responding to the two viruses — systemic injustice and COVID-19. I want our community to be healthy and able to enjoy the positive changes that we will achieve!

Our Partnerships

This list will continue to grow! If you're an organization that could benefit from this support, contact us!